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What is a Mad Tea?


Life can get in the way creating art a lot, the day-to-day of jobs, kids, schedules, healthcare, and housework can make finding time to work on art very challenging. A Mad Tea is the remedy.

A Mad Tea (with MZ) is simply a scheduled opportunity to work on personal art projects with other artists.

As interactive and collaborative as the individual artist wants on that particular day, Mad Teas are a two-three hour event held online, in person, and/or a combination of both. Participants bring their art they want to work on that day, a readiness to work, and an open mind. The art, and what stage they are working on is up to the artist: writing, visual arts, music, dance, textiles, to each their own.

A Mad Tea begins with an introduction, and then an hour of either an opportunity to collaborate with other artists (ask questions, talk out an issue, get ideas, etc.) or work time devoted to one’s art. After that there is an (optional) check in/share/critique, or continued work time. The third hour of a Mad Tea is optional and will be tailored to each individual Mad Tea.

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